Our 10:00 AM church service is our main touch-point where we meet, worship, learn, serve and grow together.

Prior to our morning services we have a prayer meeting (held in the lounge and starting at 9:15 AM). All are welcome.

A typical morning service includes many of the following:

  • A time of musical worship, with contemporary Christian songs and traditional hymns. The mood can be anything from up-tempo and lively to deeply spiritual. In this music time we are reminded that we stand before the throne of God and we bring Him praise for all He does.
  • Birthday wishes, social announcements and upcoming events.
  • Prayer, where we address our hearts directly to God, in the persons of The Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is also in times of contemplation and prayer that we can hear from God. A confirmation from the Word of God verifies the authenticity of His message. It is amazing to see how frequently a word from the Lord is spoken by several people, repeated in the sermon and supported from Bible readings during our church meetings.
  • A message, usually brought by the pastor but we also have guest speakers and sometimes a church member will bring the message. The topics may vary but usually they cover the life application of aspects God’s word, to enable and enhance spiritual growth in a secular world.
  • Communion which is a “love feast” where we remember Jesus’ death through the symbols of bread and wine (actually juice), which are representative of Jesus body and blood. This is usually a time of reflection and quiet contemplation and reminds us that Jesus overcame death.

After the service is over we have a time of fellowship over a cup of coffee in the lounge. On the third Sunday in each month, we have a shared lunch.