SAS stands for “Saved And Serving”

A recruit must be 12 years or older.

SAS is an elite unit in God’s army, as such, recruits are held to high standards of conduct and self-discipline.

Assembly is in the dining room, during Sunday church immediately after worship.

SAS uses art projects to build dexterity, relationship with God, relationships with each other (teamwork) and to establish foundations in Biblical understanding.

Here are some of our recent wire-work and leather projects:

Robbie IMG_20150816_114056 IMG_20150816_104132 Hayden DSC04964 DSC04223 DSC04222 DSC04219 DSC04218 1447579953364

… and for a bit of fun, blanket forts:


For specific details about SAS, contact Dianne Wright (09) 235-9852.